CBT gift certificates were awarded to each of the 4 division champions. Each gift certificate will be good for one entry fee at the Double Da$h (September 3rd, 4th & 5th) or Christmas Ca$h (December 3rd & 4th). Series points awarded to the top 7 horse/rider teams in each division at each race. Ties at end of series were broken by: 1) highest number of races attended, 2) highest number of times placing in that division and 3) high roll of a dice.

Series Winners

Rider Horse Points Thru Race #3
Kelly Garrison Flash 16.0 CBT FREE entries Gift Certificate Winner!!!
Kasey Etbauer Phoenix 11.0
Becki Mask Scooter 8.0
Jean Winters Zan 7.0
Shae Lynn Franklin Ester 7.0
Kyla Hogan MnMs Freckles 6.0
Carley Richardson Radio 5.0
Eugenie James Jim 4.0
Margie Campbell Mason 4.0
Kaily Richardson Boss 3.0
Kaitlyn Strube Rebel Child 3.0
Kirsten Pohnert Fly 3.0
Linda Dyson Flo 2.0
Teal Hampton Otoe Hot 2.0
Brittany Fellows Biscuit 1.0
Patty McCullar Friday 1.0
Rider Horse Points Thru Race #3
Patty McCullar Friday 9.0 CBT FREE entries Gift Certificate Winner!!!
Janet Moiser BB 7.0
Lesley Chester Rock 7.0
Dixie Bell Bandit 6.0
Jill Moody Blaze 6.0
Sequin Brewer DP 6.0
Amber Cowan Freeway Jackie Blue 5.0
Jera Harris Loretta 5.0
Patty McCullar Gizzard 5.0
Dixie Bell Hatta 4.0
Kasey Etbauer Julie 4.0
Lesley Chester Sharon 4.0
Crystal Guthridge Romeo 3.0
Holly Bufkin Cricket 3.0
Kirsten Pohnert Fly 3.0
Bailey Guthrie Barrio Bully 2.0
Cindy Jones Oscar 2.0
Debbie Reedy Dixie 1.0
Krista Irlbeck Okie Time To Fly 1.0
Teressa Standlee Sugar Ray 1.0
Rider Horse Points Thru Race #3
Audra Campbell Fancy Pants 7.0 CBT FREE entries Gift Certificate Winner!!! (won tie based on highest # of attended races)
Kinzie Stockett Smokey 7.0
Michelle DeShong Bar Dee Mr Cody 7.0
Bonnie Wikle Zip 6.0
Carley Richardson Marty 6.0
Gail Elliott Loddie 6.0
Debbie McLaughlin A Diamond Image 5.0
Hope Cox PB 5.0
Margaret Glasscock Megan 5.0
Carlee Miller Sonic 4.0
Denise Downs Rosie 4.0
Patty McCullar Gizzard 4.0
Brittany Jones Brits Spirit 3.0
Linda Dyson Shiloh 3.0
RyAnn Blackburn Harley 3.0
Tina Ramirez Daisey 3.0
Amber Cowan Ms Super Bowl 2.0
Taylor Presnell Dash 2.0
Cheyenne Lueb Tad 1.0
Nichole Mock Chex 1.0
Rider Horse Points Thru Race #3
Debbie Woodward BWD Pecos 7.0 CBT FREE entries Gift Certificate Winner!!! (won tie based on high roll of the dice)
Josey Groves Hemi 7.0
Kristen Jacobson Missy 7.0
Avery Thelander Budget 6.0
Madison Stockett Pee Dee 6.0
Brittany Jones Misty 5.0
Cheyenne Lueb Cash 5.0
Liz Clayton Ellanor 5.0
Amber Workheiser Mudflap 4.0
Jim Bridwell Bootsie 4.0
Teressa Standlee Fendi 4.0
Betty Gordon Diego 3.0
Brooke Carter Maggie 3.0
Kira Bilgrav Tango 3.0
Crystal Guthridge Bo 2.0
Kasey Etbauer Asset 2.0
Lexi Gupton Pep 2.0
Bailey Bryson Escalade 1.0
Lesley Chester Sharon 1.0
Pat Maez Nadine 1.0