CBT Barrel Racing

16th Annual Christmas Ca$h Race Information

November 28-29, 2020

Amarillo, Texas

($3500 added PBRIP, WPRA approved, Bonus Race 'double' approved, Jr American qualifier, BBR approved)

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Open on-line entries will be accepted until 8am Saturday November 28th on www.MyHorseSport.com.

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Race of Champions results, presented by Bimeda -- 156 runners ($11,445 in payout)

On-site books open at noon on Friday. Books for the open close at 9am Saturday and 9am Sunday. On-line entries are open until 8am on Saturday the 28th. The $uper$ized sidepot or the PBRIP sidepot can be added on-site with no late fee, anytime BEFORE your run.

Call-in for riding slot reservations will be Wednesday (the 25th) from 6pm-8pm TX time at 806-488-2144 (the ONLY phone number for riding slots). Reservations will be taken for the 1pm to 4pm riding slots. The 4pm to 5:30pm slots will be sold on-site starting at noon on Friday. Riding slots reservations will be limited to 3 lines per answered call. A riding slot cost $15 and we offer the following options: 10-minute/4 rider limit, 15-minute/6 rider limit or 25-minute/12 rider limit.

These individuals MUST see the office BEFORE their run: Baillie Wiseman, Bristol Tando, Denise Campbell, Jaymi Harris, Jean Winters, Keylee Yates-Ortiz, Kortney Kizer, M’Kensie Owens, Nicky Dole, Ridley Cathey, Rose Applegate, Sandy Weathers, Savannah Roberts, Sherry Assmann, Stacey Randolph, Taylor Rolan, Teri Rolan, Theresa Willey Batterton and Tracy Housholder. For most of you it is because your entry form wasn't signed.

Saturday Open Pre-Draw by Number

Saturday Draw in Alphabetical Order

Saturday Carryover List (please check for your carryovers)

Sunday Open Pre-Draw by Number

Sunday Draw in Alphabetical Order

Sunday Carryover List (please check for your carryovers)

Junior American qualifier results -- 37 runners (checks will be mailed from BBR)

Saturday $uper$ized sidepot results -- 83 runners ($10,084 in payout)

Saturday Open results -- 526 runners ($21,842 in payout)

Sunday $uper$ized sidepot results -- 76 runners ($9,234 in payout)

Sunday Open results -- 470 runners ($19,580 in payout)

PBRIP $2500 added 4D (results are now offical) results -- 47 runners ($3,504 in payout)

Texas-bred paint horse results -- $1,000 in payout, checks will come from the TPHBA

Main Race results -- 996 runners ($9,965 in payout)

Amarillo Convention & Visitor Council

APHA & TPHBA -- PBRIP added money sponsor

Big Texan Steak Ranch -- banner sponsor

Bimeda, Inc. -- Race of Champion added money sponsor

Charter Equine -- banner sponsor

Coyote Bluff Cafe -- banner sponsor

Farmer's Insurance Ashley Little Agency -- banner sponsor

Green Chile Willy's Grill -- banner sponsor

Happy State Bank

James Brothers Implement Co Inc/Kubota Tractors

Moseley Performance Horses -- banner sponsor

Robinson's Family Feed -- banner sponsor

Running T Farms -- banner sponsor

Ashley Little Insurance Agency, LLC

Backwoods Apparel

Big M Blades

Bye Bye Blues Baby Boutique

Color Street Nail Strips

Complete Equine Performance equine supplements

Cowboy Tack Shop

Dapaw's Puzzles and Crafts

Flying F Designs

Green Chili Willy's

Guy Winters Equine Services

Horse Logic Professional

Kahm supplements

Lil Gnomies & Things

Mannsville Ag Center - KoolSpeed

Nathena's Creations

PEMF - Christy Manry

Post Time Equine

Rattlin Racks

Restoration Massage

Running T Farms

Scentsy - Rodney Pennington

Sheryl Dechant

Sprinkle-tastic Scents

Stanna's Jewelry Art

Summit Joint supplements

Superior Equine Services

Swinging C, LLC

Synergy Sports Therapy

The Bent Bobbin

The Glamorous Cowgirl

The Sassy Goat Boutique

Tumbeweed Crafts

Whiskey Bent

Coolhorse -- Race of Champion $1000 gift certificate donor

Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals

Lucky M Leather & Art - custom made breast collar

Campbell's Painting & Remodeling - homemade buckle rack


Classic Equine/EquiBrand

HF & C Feeds/Hi-Pro Feeds (one-out award certificates)

Fiestas Dynasty- $1000 breeding vouchers to the Main Race D winners

287 Ag- engraved knives to RoC contestants

Our Choice of Champions merchant list (where the contestants get to pick who their award certificate is spendable with):

Backwoods Apparel

Champion’s Choice Silver

Coolhorse and Coolhorse.com

Crazy Horse Creations

Crossroads Custom Leather

Green Chile Willy’s Grill

HF & C Feeds

Lucky M Leather & Art

Rebecca Hughes Equine Supply

Robinson Family Feed

Rodeo Gal Jewelry

Runnin M Reins

Jr American qualifier information (everyone runs in Saturday's open and is a carry over into the J.A. sidepot), direct entry link

Christmas Ca$h host hotel:

Comfort Inn & Suites East-rate of $79, call 806-331-7829 and ask for the ‘CBT Barrel Racing’ group rate

On-site vet: XX Equine (Dr Dallas Shaw & Dr Don Lee) - 307-217-2219

On-call farrier: Cody McCormick (575-703-2300)

Official photographer: Boaz Elkes

Official videographer: PixelWork (Webcast is viewable on www.VisWorks.com, webcast sponsor is Robinson's Family Feed)