CBT Barrel Racing

2nd Annual Summer Da$h Race Information

May 31 - June 1, 2014

Amarillo, Texas

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The following contestants need to come to the entry office before your run: Alyssa Nials, Becki Mask, Bekkie Cakerice, Bonnie Wikle, Cacee Cox, Carmen Miller, Cheyenne Lueb, Clara McBane, Darci Winner, Debbie Barkemeyer, Jayme Flowers, Kay Miller, Kelly Hess, Michelle Luttrell, Samantha Golden, Shelby Mayfield, Taryn Norvell, Terese Blommaert.

Saturday Draw by #

Sunday Draw by #

Saturday Open Results -- 229 runners

Sunday Open Results -- 231 runners

Main Race Results -- 460 runners

2D Challenge Race Results -- 25 runners


LifeWave/Aculife (Jackie Higgins)

Matt Bennett Custom Leather


ThermScan Diagnostics of West Texas (Kelly Packard)

Running T Farms

Happy Tails

Antlers & More

Formula 707

CSI Saddle pads


Robinson's Family Feed

Classic Equine

Formula 707

Antlers & More


Thermscan Diagnostics

Famous Bugs

Clarion Hotel

$62 rate

Call (806)372-8741

Located at 1911 E I-40 in Amarillo

On-call farrier: Dan Brown (806-670-4856)

On-site vet: Dr. Charter Ramey, DVM with Charter Equine of Amarillo (817-614-5531)

Photos will be available online at www.PixelWorxTexas.net