CBT Barrel Racing

2020 Race 4 Ca$h Race Information

March 7-8, 2020

Clovis, New Mexico

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ALL riding slots will be sold on-site ONLY, starting when books open at 8am Saturday. On-site books close when the first horse runs in that class.

Stalls & RV hookups are taken care of on-site by the facility. The stalls will open at 8am Friday, close at 8pm Friday and re-open Saturday am.

The following contestants are needed in the entry office BEFORE their run: Aleeyah Roberts, Alyssa Bisetti, Anna Nelson, Baillie Wiseman, Hailee Martinez, Jacy Bainster, Jordan Taton, Katie Dowell, Katie Dowell, Summer Davis and Tina Ramirez. And anyone that didn't put their SS# on their entry blank will need to do that before you can win a check.

Saturday starts at 12:30pm with the KK pole qualifier (expect close to 20 runners)

Saturday Open 4D Poles - 18 pre-entered

Saturday 3D Youth Draw - 38 pre-entered

Saturday 5D Open Draw by # - 189 pre-entered

Saturday 5D Open Draw by name

Saturday $uper$ized sidepot entry list (sidepot can be added on-site BEFORE you run with no late fee)

Daylight savings starts - Sunday starts at 9am with the KK barrel qualifier (expect close to 40 runners)

Sunday 3D Youth Draw - 31 pre-entered

Sunday 5D Draw by # - 181 pre-entered

Sunday 5D Draw by name

Sunday $uper$ized sidepot entry list(sidepot can be added on-site BEFORE you run with no late fee)

Draw is also posted on RodeoGo. Late On-line entries will be accepted until 5pm Thursday the 5th via www.e-barrelracing.com.

All CBT check winners are qualified for the 2020 CBT Race of Champions!!! KK Run For Vegas checks don't count (sorry).

KK Poles -- 23 runners

Open 4D Poles -- 46 runners

Saturday Open Results -- 305 runners

Saturday Youth Results -- 54 runners

Saturday $uper$ized Pro-D sidepot - 29 runners

KK Barrels -- 40 runners

Sunday Youth Results -- 40 runners

Youth Average

Sunday Open Results -- 296 runners

Sunday $uper$ized Pro-D Sidepot -- 31 runners

PBRIP $250 added sidepot -- 19 runners

Main Race Results -- 601 runners

SJ Winning Vibes PEMF Therapy


Restoration Massage

CEP (Complete Equine Performance)

Guy Winters Equine Sports Therapy

Cotton & Jewels

Big M Blades

Champion's Choice Silver (fast time of each drag on Saturday)

Cattle Drive Apartments (youth average awards)

Classic Equine/EquiBrand

HF & C Feeds/Hi-Pro Feeds

MVP (Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals) and back again for this year

Our Choice of Champions merchant list (where the contestants get to pick who their award certificate is spendable with):

Backwoods Apparel

Champion’s Choice Silver

Coolhorse and Coolhorse.com

Crazy Horse Creations

Crossroads Custom Leather

Green Chile Willy’s Grill

HF & C Feeds

Lucky M Leather & Art

Rebecca Hughes Equine Supply

Robinson Family Feed

Rodeo Gal Jewelry

Runnin M Reins

On-call farrier: Cody McCormick (575-703-2300)

On-call vet: Clovis Vet Hospital (575-769-2249)

Fairfield Inn & Suites

North end of Clovis

For online reservations, click here

Or call 575-762-1411 and ask for the ‘CBT Barrel Racing’ rate of $95.

Official photographer: Boaz Elkes