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2015 Double Da$h Race Information

September 5 - 7, 2015

Clovis, New Mexico

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These individuals MUST come to the office before their run: Cindy Shepherd, Colton Crockett, Jessica Acuncius, Kendi Haxby, Marie Autrey, Sarah Sailor and Taylor McAlister.

These individuals will need to give the office their SS# before they can pick up or be mailed a check: Becki Mask, Dana Cary, Emery Mask, Hannah Wenum, Jenna Livers, Kelsay Singleton, Kendra Suggs, Leslie Cambern, Margo Smith, Megan Jenkins, Sharon George, Shawnda Elkins, Shayna Wimberly, Shelia Zant, ShiAnn Fleming, Taylor McAlister, Taylor Ramming and Timber Wimberly.

All riding slots will be sold on-site starting when books open at 10am Saturday.

All youth runs will run after the pre-draw and before the add-on draw starts.

Winner of each D on Saturday and Sunday will win a Formula 707 product card (to be claimed on-site). Winner of each D on Monday will win a rope halter.

Prizes for the Top 3 of each D in the Main race are:Classic Equine hay bags, Classic Equine necessity totes and an 8x10 picture frame with a free 8x10 picture from Bunkhouse Blessings Photography. Prize winners will get to pick their prize based on their placing (1st, 2nd, 3rd). Must be present to get prize choice.

Pre-Draw (click link on left for PDF file)


* If you entered multiple horses, some of your horse's might say 'add-on'. That simply means that the computer will draw you a number in the add-on draw to better spread you apart.

* I tried to have the computer draw your horses in the order you wrote them down (this isn't always the case because it is computer drawn).

* There MUST be at least 3 contestants enter the WPRA DC sidepot on Sunday in order for the sidepot to be held (WPRA rules). As of pre-entry time, there was only 1 entry.

Wow!!!! 747 open runs and a payout of over $39,000!!! What an amazing race, THANK YOU to everyone involved! This was our largest Double Da$h, see ya'll Labor Day weekend 2016!

Saturday Open 5D Race -- 259 entries

Saturday Youth 2D Race -- 24 entries

Saturday WPRA permit-holder sidepot -- 13 entries

Sunday Open 5D Race -- 271 entries

Sunday Youth 2D Race -- 29 entries

Sunday WPRA permit-holder sidepot -- 15 entries

Sunday WPRA DC sidepot sponsored by Wrangler -- 11 entries

Monday Open 5D Race -- 217 entries

Monday Youth 2D Race -- 22 entries

Monday WPRA permit-holder sidepot -- 15 entries

Open 5D Main Race -- 747 entries

The top 3 Main Race Division winners had a prize choice: Classic Equine hay bag, Classic Equine necessity tote or a barn wood picture frame with a picture donated by Bunkhouse Blessings Photography.

Clovis Vet Supply

Clovis Livestock Auction

JP Stone Community Bank



Antlers And More

Nana B's

2 Lazy/Cherry Country Designs

Tiffany Peters

CSI Saddle Pads

Formula 707

Classic Equine and Bunkhouse Blessing Photography

On-call farrier: Casey O'Bryan (575-749-3082)

On-call vet: Dr. Potts of Clovis Vet Hospital (575-769-2249)

Comfort Inn

Call 575-762-4536

$80 rate

Super 8

Call 575-762-5600

$70 rate

Ask for the Double Da$h race discount!

Photos from the race will be available on www.BunkhouseBlessingsPhotos.com (after Tuesday)

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